What To Expect

A graduate-level education in luxury retailing.

LuxeScholars Education and Training provides students with the tools and skills necessary to become successful in a rewarding career in luxury sales and service by combining advanced educational technology with scientific methodology to raise personal performance levels.

Assessment –To afford our student’s the highest probability of success, LuxeScholars employs a rigorous pre-acceptance screening process comprised of assessment testing and personal evaluations that can help forecast the likelihood of success within the profession of luxury retailing.

Education and Training – Combining the latest classroom technology with the application of proprietary neuroscience, LuxeScholars can source, train and deliver highly qualified and skilled personnel able to perform at the top tier within the highly specialized career of luxury sales and service professionals.

Who Can Participate – We offer our Education and Training programs to existing sales professionals already working in the luxury segment and to aspiring and carefully vetted candidates who desire to pursue a career in luxury sales and service.

Curriculum – All qualifying candidates receive comprehensive instruction specifically designed for the luxury marketplace. The course curriculum includes initial assessment testing, three weeks of on-line training with interactive instructors and a full day of live classroom instruction and coaching. Graduates are tested for competency and certified as proficient at luxury sales and service.

Professional Referral – Upon successful completion of the required curriculum, students receive Certification of Competency in the luxury sales field and are qualified for direct referrals to our LuxeScholars business clients as well as consideration for employment by luxury retailers everywhere.

Post-Graduate Support – LuxeScholars alumnae have access to a continuing education program that allows graduates to stay abreast of the latest advances in the field of luxury retailing. Top ranking students are eligible to continue to the Masters Certification program and to become a member of the LuxeScholars Guild, an alliance of luxury sales professionals.