New Dealership Solutions


Increasing performance. Revenue. And retention.

LuxeScholars is a global training, education, and analytics company. Combining cutting edge technology with the revolutionary proprietary application of brain science, LuxeScholars can identify, train and deliver highly qualified and skilled personnel who will perform at the top tier within the highly specialized career of luxury sales and service professionals.

Our dynamic team is comprised of skilled professionals who are committed to the LuxeScholars’ mission statement of Advancing the Art of Luxury Retailing.

Using our industry knowledge, customer service expertise and delivery capabilities, LuxeScholars instills the highest level of Luxury Customer Interaction (LCI). LCI has been developed and designed to meet the following objectives:

Elevate the level of sales professionals in luxury automotive dealerships.

Increase revenues in existing markets.

Improve operational performance.

Deliver products and services more effectively and efficiently.

Increase Consumer satisfaction.

Raise levels of consumer loyalty and dealership retention.

LuxeScholars focus is targeted to the luxury retail and services sectors. Our consulting team is comprised of skilled professionals who are committed to the LuxeScholar’s mission statement of Advancing the Art of Luxury Retailing. Implementing our service offerings which are consistent across all disciplines, we are able to strive to provide our clients with a 360-degree solution.

LuxeScholars understands that all the products and services in the world are only as good as the people that represent them and because of this reason, LuxeScholars has developed a very unique luxury training and educational solution for an organization. We pride ourselves in delivering graduates who become best in class Luxury Professionals.

LuxeScholars assists its clients in moving forward in every aspect of their business as it relates to Luxury. Our purpose is dedicated to providing our partners with the tools and professional personnel that can consistently and sustainably provide their clientele with unexpected value that exceeds their expectations. By bringing a contemporary and forward-looking scientific methodology to raise personal performance to unprecedented levels, LuxeScholars is advancing the art of luxury retailing.