Building A New Luxury Dealership



You Are Building A New Luxury Dealership
Who Is Helping You Build The Most Important Part Of Your New Success Story?

You’re about to start a new chapter in your retailing business. You are building a new luxury store.

You assemble a team of professionals you trust to help you with your facility project … your architect, your banker, CPA, attorney, a builder with whom you have confidence, maybe even a project manager from your existing dealer group staff.

These professionals will give you the expert advice, council and effort you need to complete the facility planning and construction phases of your project. Their job is to help you get what you and your franchising partner want in a new facility, while doing so on schedule and within budget.

But the most important part of your new Luxury Dealership is NOT the facility.

It is the High Performance Team of professional retail employees that engage each other and your clients every day. They create the customer experience and the revenue streams that you need for success. Who helps you plan and construct that phase of your new dealership?

LuxeScholars has a solution for you.

LuxeScholars, established in 2010, focuses exclusively on the luxury retail and service sector.  Headed by a team of skilled professionals with a combined total of 100 years’ experience in luxury retailing, we apply organizational design, talent acquisition, training and development, operations consulting and analytics to provide our clients with 360-degree solutions to their business needs. We believe strongly that high performance retail teams are the key element to long-term client engagement and loyalty. And, we believe that teams of this caliber can be created by intelligent, focused design.