Dealer Testimonials

We needed to make sure, that before we opened the doors, we had the right people and right culture in place.  The Luxe Scholars screening and selection process was vital to make sure that we had a team ready for success as we prepared for opening.  The training they provided and the sales methods they put in place had the team producing at a high level with immediate results.  There are many reasons we won the Magna Elite award and many people that deserve credit.  Luxe Scholars absolutely is at the top of that list.

–  Mario Murgado, Audi Stuart

When you have a successful store and a staff that has many years of working together it develops its own culture.  It can sometimes be a challenge to find new sales associates that can smoothly join a team and immediately contribute.  Finding the right candidates is vital to make sure that you’re not wasting time on bad hires and wasted resources.  The placement services of Luxe Scholars has been a tremendous benefit for us. Over the past 4 years they have brought us many quality candidates that fit our team and contributed almost immediately and are some of our top performers today. 

–  Chris Consiglio, Audi of Rochester Hills

Open Points can be very stressful and are very laborious.  Having Luxe Scholars as our partner was vital to us winning the open point for our new dealership.  Three things truly stuck out for us.  One was their experience with the manufactures, two was their experience with open point presentations and third was their goal to to understand our culture and mission.  They were much more a partner and a part of our team and not just a vendor.

–  Brad Johnston , Audi of Mississauga

If I owned or was charged with daily operation of Audi I would have everyone at every dealer from the General Manager to the Porter complete this program.

17 years of my career have been in upper management with Lexus dealers. I have never experienced any sales based education that comes close to what I just completed.

This program is very applicable in premium brand sales but can also be applied to every aspect of business. I learned a lot and hope to be able to employ all that I have learned.

I have been in the automobile business for almost 30 years. I have held every position in the front end of the store from sales person to GM. 17 years of my career have been in upper management with Lexus dealers. I have never experienced any sales based education that comes close to what I just completed. Well Done!

I thought that this was an interesting approach to teaching a new sales associate. It was interesting to take the time to investigate further the motivations behind the customers decision making.

I thought this course was an eye opener in several sections to include the brain and the thought process in making decisions. I have worked in the car business before but never had training that was this useful and enlightening.