Luxe Scholars Results: A Case Study

Luxe Scholars Results

A Recent Case Study

Luxe Scholars recently completed installation for two luxury stores in South Florida. Both stores were ground-up developments in a market that was previously unrepresented by either brand. One of those dealerships, Audi Stewart, was just recently distinguished as one of only twelve dealerships named as a 2014 Audi Elite Magna Society winner. The Magna Society was created by Audi to identify and recognize dealerships that go above and beyond the standard business objectives and sales targets. To qualify for Magna Society status, a dealership must show that they are engaged in sales and service programs and adhere to specific business processes. Their facility and staff should also properly represent the Audi brand and culture.

We created Job Profiles for all management, customer contact staff and central office positions after completing our original organizational planning with the dealer owner.

LuxeScholars conducted a talent search and screening for every position at each store. By request, there were no incumbent employees from the parent dealer group. This process involved outreach advertising, online application processing, and five levels of qualification screening before a limited number of candidates were presented for face-to-face interviews.

For example, we sourced 125 applications for the two GM positions from as far away as Seattle and London. After completing our proprietary process with our expert supplier Stang Decision Systems, we presented five candidates to the dealers for the two GM positions. He selected two for offers and both accepted his package.

Using a similar process, we assisted each GM in fully staffing their respective stores. In total the dealerships hired 66 employees. This included all of the department managers, all customer contact employees and the central office staff.

All leadership team managers attended three sessions of the High Performance Team workshop with facilitation by Executive Coaches from The Pacific Institute (TPI) and LuxeScholars.

All other employees attended workshops entitled Thought Patterns for High Performance also facilitated by TPI and LuxeScholars coaches.

All sales personnel were enrolled in the Luxe-Scholars Professional Selling Skills certification program with the majority completing the program in the first month they were on the job. This is an 11 module graduate level online course introducing our neuroscience-based curriculum.

In addition, we conducted a two-day instructor-led Best Practice application program for sales professionals. The top Audi Brand Specialist in the country showed the team techniques and work processes he has used to attract and keep over 12,000 clients.