Unique solutions for luxury automobile dealers and sales professionals.

LuxeScholars is a global organization serving luxury automobile dealers and dealer groups who represent tier-one luxury automobile brands. Our mission is to help our clients advance the quality of every aspect of customer contact.

With a combined total of over 100 years’ experience in luxury retailing, our team of skilled professionals possesses a unique understanding of each client’s business and how it functions. LuxeScholars can provide 360-degree solutions to their business needs.

LuxeScholars has developed a unique menu of assessment, educational, and training solutions focused exclusively on the luxury retail sales and services sector.

Assessment – We identify and solve the most critical problems challenging the luxury automobile retailer. For example, to help measure the link between client performance objectives and their consumers’ perception of the sales and service experience, we developed the Luxury Customer Interaction (LCI) index. An exclusive branded process, the LCI index provides both baseline metrics and tracking capabilities to help maintain target performance levels.

Education and training – By combining advanced learning technology with the innovative application of neuroscience, LuxeScholars is able to identify, educate, and deliver skilled personnel certified to perform at the top tier of luxury automobile sales and service professionals. Employing an innovative curriculum specifically designed for the luxury retail market, LuxeScholars educates and coaches sales professionals, tests them, and certifies them as proficient at luxury sales and service. In addition, we can provide carefully vetted candidates for our client’s scrutiny.

Implementation – LuxeScholars not only provides clients with world-class solutions that work in real-world environments, we personally oversee their implementation and integration to insure their quality and effectiveness. To sustain the highest level of performance going forward, we help clients continue to progress after we have left by providing them with tools and methods for developing capabilities and leadership skills at every level, building internal support, analyzing needs and problems, and developing practical recommendations.

Building Continuing Relationships – LuxeScholars builds enduring relationships with clients based on mutual trust and respect. By providing superior results through diligent effort, professional conduct, and complete commitment, we strive to earn the confidence, esteem, and loyalty of those we serve. We value our relationships and the opportunities they provide.

LuxeScholars is dedicated to providing our partners with the tools necessary to consistently and sustainably provide their clientele with unexpected value that exceeds the customer’s expectations. By bringing a contemporary and forward-looking scientific methodology to raise personal performance to unprecedented levels, we are Advancing the Art of Luxury Retailing.