Open Points

Opening a new dealership is not something that just happens with luck.  Open points need to be approached with thorough research on the brand, the market and the opportunity.  The way that you express your company’s history, leadership, mission and purpose will be vital factors in you opportunity to win the open point.


Luxe Scholars can work with you to manage the research and tell your story for winning the business with a brand seeking a dealership group or with a dealer bringing a potential new market to a brand.  Topics of our proposal will include but not be limited to:

Your Qualifications

  • Ownership Structure
  • Leadership Team
  • Market Activity and Community Relations
  • Existing facilites & Locations
  • Mission & Purpose

Your Business Plan

  • Market Analysis & Key Strategies for Success
  • Proposed Location
  • Facility Concepts with Retail Capacity Plan
  • Management/Personnel Plan
  • Marketing Communications Plan
  • Sales Planning
  • Fixed Operations

The Real Business Opportunity

  • Overcoming Market Challenges
  • HR Plans
  • Client Engagement
  • Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage