Individual Testimonials

The LuxeScholars training was excellent and full of very specific training information. I have 10 years working for Mercedes Benz under my belt and I haven’t come across such an integrated training system as this in my history with Benz. Having achieved the level of Master Certified with Mercedes I was sure that I wouldn’t be given any new information. The neuroscience psychology aspect of selling was incredible. I was very impressed and hope to take the vast information I have learned and go from good to great!

It gave me some key insights what to do as well as what not to do. I was very pleased to read about the follow up process. I had no idea what a difference it could make when selling cars. People change in and out of cars every year or every 2 years, and to know that you have set that relationship with that client so high it will ensure that you can be the sales person to put him/her in their next car. I also liked the comparisons between men and women buyers.

This program was not only helpful but I believe necessary for anyone looking to enter the luxury sales industry. I would personally like to thank everyone involved in creating this useful tool.

I have learned more than what I thought I would learn throughout the PSE program. This has helped me sculpt my mind to get ready to work in luxury auto business. I look forward to using the tips and skills that I have learned to make me successful with my career

Being new to “sales” world, I found the program to be extremely informative and helpful in establishing a good base to start my career from. Having been on the “luxury consumer” side of things, I found a lot of the neurosciences interesting. I never really thought about the brain processes at work, when I was purchasing something, but now realize why I rationalized my spending. As far as networking and growing “my” brand, I enjoyed hearing from successful individuals, such as Michael Walsh. It reinforced my thoughts and expectations coming into this profession. I knew a few things previously, but now feel I have the right tools and mind set to become successful!

This has been a very informative course in so many different ways, I do not know where to begin. Being that I have a Psychology degree I found the whole neuroscience integration into the sales process very interesting and powerful. The course laid out very specifically, how understanding the psychology of neuroscience will effect all aspects of the interactions and relationships you will build with your clients over the course of the sale, service and maintenance of that customer hopefully for life. The key is that of organizing myself from the very start to apply and continue developing a deeper understanding of the key components of this neuroscience on a daily basis. The utilization of the guest hosted videos such a Michael Walsh were very helpful in that they put not only a human element to the material but, also served to reinforce the concepts discussed. I feel as if this program laid a solid foundation for understanding the very unique aspects of the luxury selling market and what it will take to thrive and succeed throughout one’s career.