The Science

Neuroscience Curriculum – Overview

The Neuroscience Curriculum component of the LuxeScholars Education and Training Program is designed to enhance the skills and perception of top-tier luxury automobile sales professionals. By providing a new and deeper understanding of human behavior and incorporating recent discoveries in the brain sciences in to our syllabus, LuxeScholars’ Education and Training program is able to bring remarkable new insight to the fundamental questions of how we think, how we decide, how we learn, and how we experience the world around us.

Working with professionals from neuroscience and related fields within the behavioral sciences, the designers of the Neuroscience Curriculum have identified a number of areas where the practical application of this new knowledge has potential to measurably raise the performance of even the best luxury sales professionals to even higher levels.

Beginning with an introduction to the fascinating world of the human brain, LuxeScholars students are provided a primary understanding of basic brain function and why this can be of great value in their professional and personal lives. Within the context of luxury vehicle retailing, new insights from neuroscience challenge deeply imbedded assumptions about how consumers make decisions including decisions to purchase.

New technologies now give scientists a lens into the complex workings of the human brain. We are learning that there are more variables affecting human interaction than we believed, and that these variables are far more nuanced and significant than we previously understood.

With this in mind, LuxeScholars Education and Training Program has designed this unique curriculum to educate top luxury sales professionals that incorporates entirely new skills in neuroscience that are specifically relevant to luxury retailing including;

Effective priming

The role of emotion in decision making

Sensory intelligence

Gender differences

The role of status

Brain smart negotiation

The profound affect of the physical environment on how we feel

LuxeScholars believes that the application of this new knowledge will significantly increase the performance of even the most successful luxury sales professionals and result in a superior overall experience for the customer.